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High Speed Wireless is Now Available!!
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Frazier Mountain Internet Service is excited to announce that we now offer wireless service to our customers in Pine Mountain Club, Cuddy Valley, Pinon Pines, Lockwood Valley, some parts of Lake of the Woods and some parts of Lebec. In most other areas on the hill, we offer our DSL Service which is very comparable to High Speed Wireless service.

Here is some important information you'll want to know about High Speed Wireless service and how it can benefit you.

What is High Speed Wireless Service?
High Speed Wireless Service is a broadband connection to the Internet that uses radio signals to connect your house or office to our service. With High Speed Wireless, your computer is always connected to the Internet, so you don't need to wait to dialup to the Internet when you want to do web surfing, check e-mail, etc.

Can I talk on the phone at the same time that I'm online?
Yes. High Speed Wireless service does not use any phone lines at all. For this reason, many customers who subscribe to High Speed Wireless service will decide that they don't need the second phone line that they have been using for their computer to dial up to the Internet. This will commonly result in savings of $15 to $20 per month for this second phone line.

How fast is High Speed Wireless ?
Download speeds on our Our High Speed Wireless Service delivers are from 768 kbps to up to 2.0 Mbps. Upload speeds are from up to 384 kbps to 512 kbps. Speeds for our High Speed Wireless Service depend upon you location and what type of equipment we use at your location. We always set up customers on the highest speed access point available to your location.

As with our dialup service, we ensure optimal performance for High Speed Wireless service using a variety of techniques. This includes a highly redundant network (long term battery backup and generator backup, etc.), ample available bandwidth at all times, and other optimization methods.

Can I connect more than one computer to my High Speed Wireless Service?
Yes. For our customers who want to connect more than one computer in their house to their High Speed Wireless service, we can sell you a wireless router. This allows additional computers to be connected via Ethernet cable or Wireless adapters (such as wi-fi adapters commonly found in notebook computers, smart phones, etc.). We don't charge anything additional for the monthly service if you have more than one computer connected to our High Speed Wireless service. We do charge a one-time installation fee for configuring the router and additional computers to connect to your router.

Do I have to set this up myself, or does Frazier Mountain Internet Service help me get it started?
We provide full onsite installation as part of our regular setup.

Why is High Speed Wireless Service not available in Frazier Park and other areas on the Hill?
In order to provide High Speed Wireless service, we have installed a number of "Access Points" throughout the Hill. These Access Points are the radios that connect your location to our network. Each of these Access Points has been located to cover a specific portion of the Hill. In general, we have tried to ensure that all areas on the Hill are covered via either our High Speed Wireless Service or DSL service. As such, where we are already providing DSL service, we have not installed an overlapping Wireless Access Point. Currently, we estimate that we can provide some form of high speed service to more than 95% of the customers on the Hill.

In almost all areas on the Hill where we do not offer High Speed Wireless service, we offer our DSL Service. Our DSL Service is very comparable to High Speed Wireless service, except it uses your phone line to connect your house to us (instead of using a radio).

Are there any limitations on High Speed Wireless service?
Our High Speed Wireless service is an "always on" connection, so you are connected to the Internet at all times. We do not limit the amount of time you can use the Internet. However, because the costs of our connections to the internet are quite expensive, we do limit the amount of data you can download and upload during peak hours (8:01am to 9:59pm) to 10 to 40 Gigabytes (GB) per calendar month (the actual limit depends upon your location). We do not have any limits on the amount of data you can download and upload during offpeak hours (10:00pm to 8:00am) The kinds of activities that commonly cause customers to exceed the monthly limit are viewing or downloading of any video (movies, TV shows, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.).  For the small percentage of customers that exceed our 10 to 40 GB per month limit, we charge $5 to $10 for each GB over the limit (overage fees depend upon your location). This is charged based upon the total of how much data is downloaded plus uploaded, and we define a Gigabyte to be 1 billion bytes.

How much does High Speed Wireless Service cost?
If you pay us semi-annually, our High Speed Wireless Service is $45 per month ($270 for 6 months). If you pay us semi-annually, our one-time installation fee for High Speed Wireless service is $125. We provide all equipment necessary to connect a single computer to our High Speed Wireless Service. We do not charge anything for this equipment (outside radio, power supply, junction box, etc.), but we do retain ownership of the equipment. Note - pricing for Lockwood Valley customers is slightly higher - $50 per month paid semi-annually ($300 for 6 months) and one time installation fee is $150 if subscribing to sem-annual billing.

How do I subscribe to High Speed Wireless Service?
Do you like what you see about High Speed Wireless service? Then give us a call at (661)242-5500 x 64 or send an e-mail to

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