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Changing Plans and Billing Schedule

Changing your Plan Choice

We recognize that many of our clients will have a need to change their plan from time to time. To accommodate this, we will allow you to change your plan at any time with a few provisos:

Billing Schedule

We will bill you for your service on the 15th of the calendar month prior to the service period. Payment is due by the 1st of the month of the service period. We may suspend your service if payment is not received by us by the 10th of the month of the service period. For example, we will bill you on November 15 for the period covering December 1 thru December 31. Payment is due by December 1st and service may be suspended if we do not receive your payment by December 15th. If we reactivate your service after having suspend it for late payment, we will charge you for the entire period including the period your service was suspended. Accounts remaining unpaid to 45 days past due may be canceled by us, and all mail and files archived on our computers may be purged.

If you use your account at all during a given service period, we will assume that you have accepted the account for the service period and we will bill you accordingly. In other words, if you access our service on December 3, you have accepted your account for the month of December. If you contact us to cancel your service on December 15, you will owe us for all December service (December 1 thru December 31).

All services are for whole month billings at a minimum. We will not prorate a month (i.e., charge half a fee if you cancel service on the 15th of the month) except for when service is first started with us. If service is canceled during a quarterly or semi-annual subscription, we will charge you as if you had purchased monthly service. For example, if you cancel a Semi-Annual "Standard Plan" service in the 2nd month, we will charge you $50 for the 1st and 2nd month of service and refund you $70 for the third thru sixth month (assuming you have paid $120 for the semi-annual subscription).

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Document Last Revised March 21, 1997
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